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Everyone needs a soft place to fall.

The loss of a loved one disrupts everything in our lives and the intense emotions of grief can be overwhelming. This can be especially true for children who don’t yet have the words to express themselves or for adolescents who are struggling with their need for emotional support but wanting to appear “normal” among their peers. If you have experienced a loss and you are seeking help for your child or yourself, I am here to listen and to help you and your family through it.

Specializing in expressive therapies such as child-centered play therapy and sandtray therapy, I help children, adolescents and adults cope with the experience of grief and loss or trauma, and I help those who are in need of assistance with learning more adaptive ways to cope with life’s developmental challenges and changes.

With more than 14 years of experience working in school-based mental health and community-based clinical settings, I am also a skilled interventionist for children with behavioral challenges. Managing a child who displays difficult behaviors can be exhausting and stressful, and I will collaborate with you and your child to teach skills to understand and help change difficult behaviors over time.

If you are looking for extra support and guidance for yourself or your children, Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I may be of service.

Speciality Areas

Grief and Loss

Adjustment Issues

School Issues


Anxiety and Fears




Parenting Support

LGBTQ Issues

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